Ethics, not acquisition.

Retail prognosticator Deborah Weinswig predicts that minimalism, environmentalism, and the Marie Kondo-fueled decluttering movement mean that people will buy less in the future, investing in products that last longer. She cites the five principles of Patagonia's Common Threads program as an example: reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine. "Consumers' future priorities will be ethics, a concept of 'disownership' and sustainability", she says in her November 2016 report "Decluttering: Anatomy of a Consumer Trend and How Retailers Can Win".


Millennials might be all the rage, but they're not spending all the money.

Chain Store Age reminds us that Baby Boomers still have greater disposable income than Millennials. Like Millennials, Boomers place a high value on convenience. But, unlike Millennials, Boomers aren't particularly brand-loyal, and they have a pronounced (but not exclusive) preference for shopping in physical stores rather than shopping online.

Yet more evidence of the importance of having a solid community-wide, diversified business development strategy that respects regional buying power and looks beyond retail.

Morningstar reports that dying shopping malls - particularly those that have lost a department store or that were refinanced in the mid-2000s - are causing a drag on the commercial mortgage-backed securities market, with big losses continuing on the horizon.