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Way too long to list! There are lots of great books relevant to downtown and neighborhood commercial revitalization. Click HERE for our ongoing list, with our reviews.

These books were written by Josh or Kennedy, or they include chapters by one of us:

Revitalizing Main Street: A Practitioner's Guide to Comprehensive Commercial District Revitalization, edited by Andrea Dono. 2009, National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Community Design Assessment: A Citizens Planning Tool, by Kennedy Smith and Leslie Tucker. 2006, National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Better Models for Urban Supermarkets, by William Neuendorf and Kennedy Smith. 2005, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Click here for our Flickr photo albums of storefronts, signs, shops, and other commercial district features. You're welcome to use any or all of them without compensation, for nonprofit purposes; just please credit them to CLUE Group, LLC. 

Click here to see Kennedy's presentation at the 2012 CityWorks (x)po.

Click the links below to see Kennedy's presentation at the 2011 CityWorks (x)po, in Roanoke, Virginia:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Here are some TEDx talks particularly relevant to commercial district revitalization:
Zipcar founder Robin Chase talks about the sharing economy.
Author James Howard Kunstler talks about the tragedy of the suburbs.
Ed McMahon of the Urban Land Institute talks about the importance of unique places.
Stacy Mitchell (Institute for Local Self Reliance) talks about the damage done to local economies by big-box discount stores.
Author and planner Jeff Speck talks about walkability and downtowns.
Entrepreneur Dave Troy talks about what mapping tweets tells us about how people use cities.